Jodie Gladish

Full time mum to 3 kiddies and a qualified hypnobirthing and mindful breastfeeding teacher, who specialises in birth after a caesarean.


If you follow me on instagram you would of have seen my youngest Koa had a bleed on his brain when he was 4 weeks old, he had emergency brain surgery and was in intensive care, Koa now has a lot of brain damage and we are currently navigating this unpredictable journey as a family. I’m not working as much due to supporting Koa, but please reach out of I can help you in any way,



VBAC -Vaginal Birth After Caesarean Support

Surrey, Berkshire and North Hampshire & Supporting Families Online

Hi, I’m Jodie

So, you are preggers and want to learn how to boss your fucking birth right? You have come to the right place.



Why do I teach VBAC courses? Because of my own experiences, I planned 3 home births which 2 didn’t go to plan, the first birth was an unplanned caesarean and the next was a (VBAC) vaginal birth after caesarean at 36 weeks and finally my 3rd birth was a home birth.

My births were incredible, empowering, and intense, I would say they are the best experiences of my life, even better than my wedding (sorry hubby) I have never felt so proud and in awe of my body before. It was down to hypnobirthing, knowing about physiological birth, knowing my rights, and making informed decisions that were right for me and my family.

I was already a hypnobirthing teacher when I had my VBAC, but boy did I need that knowledge, even though I knew my rights and options, I still faced hurdles, I was naïve to think that they would just be happy to support my options, haha I was so wrong, it was nuts that I needed to find my inner strength to get a birth that I wanted.



I’m so passionate about supporting birth however you decide to do it, I fucking hate coercion, and in a ideal world you should be given all the evidence so you can make an informed decision, but sorry guys that’s not the world we live in at the moment. 

I am currently on maternity leave, I’m not sure when I will be relaunching my hypnobirthing and mindful breastfeeding courses again, but for the time being you have purchased one of my VBAC pre recorded courses, one is for birth workers and the other is for families on their journey to birth after a caesarean. 

I’m also offering VBAC power hour calls, if you would like to talk over zoom. 

Jodie x

Getting you ready

I can help you prepare for the birth after a caesarean

Building Support

By establishing a strong support network around you.

You & Baby

Learn what is best for you and your baby, whatever that may be.

Birthing Advice

Making sure you know all your options, educated is best.

What are VBAC sessions?
And… Who is this for?

My VBAC calls and pre recorded courses are jam packed with evidenced based information to help.

It’s hard to find the information to make informed decisions. When someone is planning a birth after a caesarean it isn’t easy to find out what their options are, what are they “allowed” and how to navigate the maternity system. 

These sessions are for families planning a birth after a caesarean or birth workers supporting these families.


The online shop is currently down at the moment.

If you would like to purchase one of the pre recorded courses message me on 077081040203 and I will discuss options with you.  


How much does it cost?


I offer 3 options:

VBAC Power Hour Calls £60

These calls are for people who are planning a birth after a caesarean or for birth workers supporting these families.

In this call we can talk about any topic from this list. 

  • VBAC Risks & Benefits
  • VBAC Stats
  • Uterine Rupture
  • UK Guidelines
  • UK Birth Rights
  • Going overdue.
  • Inductions
  • Caesareans.
  • Birth Planning.
  • How to build confidence.
  • How to birth on your terms.
  • Mindset work.
  • Relaxation techniques.
  • How to tune into your body.
  • How to increase the chance of a VBAC.

 VBAC for Birth Workers £10

This is for hypnobirthing teachers, antenatal educators and doulas. This is a 1 hour pre recorded session that covers:

  • Seeds of doubt.
  • Uterine Rupture, stats, outcomes and what increases the chance.
  • Sign of Uterine Rupture.
  • UK Hospital Guidelines.
  • The evidence behind the guidelines.
  • Going overdue.
  • Caesarean.
  • Consent.
  • Your Support.


For people who are pregnant or planning a pregnancy after a previous caesarean birth.

In this pre recorded session: 

  • VBAC Stats and what impacts them.
  • Uterine Rupture, stats, what increases the chance and outcomes.
  • Signs of Uterine Rupture.
  • Birth Rights.
  • UK VBAC hospital guidelines.
  • The evidence behind the guidelines.
  • Birth Options “Am I allowed”.
  • How to build confidence for this birth.
  • How to tune into your body.
  • Appointments.
  • How to make informed decisions.
  • Links to guidelines, evidence and research studies.

I'm not pregnant, can I still do this course?

Most definitely! My courses can help you feel prepared and know your options before you are pregnant.

When is the best time to start a course?

Whenever you want.

What else is included?
  • Pre recorded sessions.
  • Links to UK guidelines.
  • Links to evidence and research studies.

VBAC Power Hour Call



What can we talk about in this 1 hour call?

We can talk about anything from these topics:

  • VBAC Facts.
  • Uterine Rupture.
  • Birth Rights.
  • Birth Options.
  • Going over your due date.
  • UK Guidelines.
  • Building Confidence.
  • Mindset work.
  • How to increase your chance of a VBAC.
  • Appointments.
  • How to birth on your terms.
  • How to decline recommended procedures and interventions.

VBAC For Birth Workers



What's in this 1 hour pre recorded course?
  • Seeds of doubt.
  • Uterine Rupture
  • Signs of Uterine Rupture
  • VBAC Stats
  • UK VBAC Hospital Guidelines.
  • Evidence behind the guidelines.
  • Birth Rights
  • Caesarean Birth
  • Your Support
  • Links to guidelines and evidence/research studies.

VBAC Full Course



What's in this 2 hour pre recorded course?
  • VBAC Stats.
  • Uterine Rupture.
  • Birth Rights.
  • UK VBAC Hospital guidelines. 
  • Evidence behind the guidelines.
  • Birth Options, “Am I allowed”.
  • How to build confidence for this birth.
  • How to tune into your body.
  • Appointments.
  • Informed decision making.
  • How to take control of your birth.
  • Links to guidelines, evidence and research studies. 

Latest Insights


VBAC – Can I have a Water Birth?

VBAC – Can I have a Water Birth?

Yes you can have a water birth. Let’s look at the reasons why they advise against water births for a VBAC labour and the evidence to support it. Also tips on how to have a VBAC water birth.


Caesarean Resources

Caesarean Resources

These are some caesarean section resources: websites, books, positive videos and a FREE Caesarean Section Birth Plan.


“Jodie, our Hypnobirthing instructor is truly amazing woman. Being a first time mum, I really didn’t know what to expect when giving birth and the whole birthing experience, I was actually really nervous and a little bit scared about it all. Learning about Hypnobirthing I now know it’s a magical experience and it does not have to hurt.

Thanks to Jodie all my worries have been put to rest and I am 100% ready and so excited for the birth of my little girl.
100% recommend Hypnobirthing to anyone and 100% recommend Jodie as your instructor. An amazing woman”

First time mum

The anxiety of giving birth my second time was completely wiped away after taking jodies hypnobirthing course. I felt empowered, Ihad a better understanding of birth and my choices during birth, and unafraid to birth on my terms. Jodie was able to support my decisions and guided me based off of facts and evidence rather than old wives tales. I would say for me it was essential for a successful birth, and would recommend for anyone about to give birth whether it’s their first or second time! During the birth of my son, the midwives had even commented how I was able to cope so well and enquired if I had done hypnobirthing. The course and being supported by Jodie is and was invaluable to the success of our birth story.

Thank you Jodie for helping me find strength I didn’t know I had!”


Second time mum

Let’s talk about you and your birth. Start forging your own path.