Hypnobirthing Taster Session


Why do I offer a free Hypnobirthing taster sessions?

It’s like a try before you buy, you can see if hypnobirthing is right for you and if you like me.

What do I cover in the Hypnobirthing taster session?

It covers;

  • How your mind impacts birth and your body,
  • Why relaxation techniques work
  • How hypnobirthing works for all births
  • What is happening to your body during birth
  • Knowing your rights and options.

Hypnobirthing isn’t a magic wand, if you do the techniques it doesn’t guarantee a pain free and quick birth.

The goal of hypnobirthing is to have a positive birth, you can’t fail to birth, yes birth might not go to plan but you can still feel calm, confident and in control. I want you to look forward to your birth and to feel empowered and excited.

What is the cost of a Hypnobirthing taster session?


When you attend a free hypnobirthing taster session there is on obligation to book any of my courses.


When are the Hypnobirthing taster sessions?

I normally run them on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 8-9pm via Zoom

Next taster sessions are:

4th May 2022 – 8:00pm

1st June 2022 – 8:00pm

6th July 2022 – 8:00pm

If these days don’t work for you, email me at [email protected] and I can see if I can arrange another taster session.


How long are the Hypnobirthing taster Sessions?

They are 1 hour long from 8-9pm – If this time doesn’t work for you  – drop me a message, we can work something out.


Who can attend the Hypnobirthing taster sessions?

Anyone who lives in Surrey, Berkshire or Hampshire, the taster sessions are via zoom but I have local knowledge of these areas.

If you live in a different county and still want a taster session you can email me and I can recommend a hypnobirthing instructor in your area. I teach The Little Birth Company hypnobirthing course and we are a family of instructors, we are all passionate about birth and empowering families. and I’m sure I can help you find an instructor that is also offering free hypnobirthing taster sessions.


Click Here to Book a Free 1 Hypnobirthing Taster Session

Jodie x

Comment below if you have any more questions and I will update this blog post.






Hi! I'm Jodie

Fully qualified Hypnobirthing coach.

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Hi! I'm Jodie

Fully qualified Hypnobirthing coach.

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