Breastfeeding Resources


Free Breastfeeding Support & Resources:

Camberley Breastfeeding Hub – 11:30am every Friday at High Cross church, Camberley, GU15 3SY, free and run by ABM volunteers. You can attend for breastfeeding support/issues or just to meet other breastfeeding parents.

ABM Association of breastfeeding mothers, helpline, local breastfeeding support groups and lots of breastfeeding advice.

National Breastfeeding Helpline 0300 100 0212

La Leche League – Lots of breastfeeding information

Latchaid app – Free support from other breastfeeding parents and lactation consultants.

Facebook group – Breastfeeding Yummy Mummies has lactation consultants as admins on this group (Shel Banks & Charlotte Treitl)

Windsor and Eton ABM breastfeeding group – This groups has a regular lactation consultant/ tongue-tie specialist most weeks. 12-2pm Every Thursday, Baldwin Institute, Eton SL4 6AF

Professor Amy Brown – Professor of maternal and child public health at Swansea University, she has written lots of fantastic books – like the positive breastfeeding book.

IBCLC Instrgram accounts:

These accounts provide lots of information on breastfeeding, they answer questions on their stories and some provide breastfeeding support via whatsapp for a fee.

Lucy Webber – imp.infantfeedingsupport

Lucy Ruddle – @lucy.ruddle.ibclc

Lyndsey Hookway – @lyndsey_hookway – specialises baby/toddler sleep

Kathryn Stagg – @kathrynstaggibclc

Milk Making Mama– @milkmakingmama – hilarious and informative reels

Prof Amy Brown – @prof_amybrown Not LBCLC, but she shares lots of evidence base information about breastfeeding.

Private Breastfeeding Support:

Lactation Consultations of Great Britain  – Find a local IBCLC

Association of Tongue-tie Practitioners – Find a local tongue tie specialist

Lotus Midwife Independent Midwife, lactation consultant and tongue tie specialist – Sarah March covers Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire, she is at the Windsor and Eton breastfeeding group ^above

Surrey Osteopathic Care Baby cranial osteopathy – If your baby has had a tough birth (like an assisted delivery) your baby could have some strain which could impact breastfeeding.

Shel Banks – IBCLC that specialises in Reflux and Colic

I currently teach families mindful breastfeeding – I provide tools and techniques to support parents to connect and bond with their baby by being more relaxed and calm when feeding. If you would like more information about this then drop me a message.

Types of breastfeeding supporters:

Peer supporter – a parent who has breastfed their child for a minimum of 6 months and has had training on latch, positions and what is normal for breastfeeding. They will sign post for any breastfeeding issues and will support and listen to parents. (Most breastfeeding issues can be resolved by adjusting the latch)

Breastfeeding Counsellor (BFC) – they would have started as a peer supporter then would have done more training on breastfeeding support and counselling, they provide support over the phone (National Breastfeeding Helpline are BFC) and face to face.

IBCLC – International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners  – They provider clinical support for breastfeeding, it takes years to become an IBCLC and they are very experienced. They can help with any breastfeeding issues like increasing supply, jaundice, problems with milk production, issues with weight gain, engorgement, reflux, mastitis or plugged ducts.







Hi! I'm Jodie

Fully qualified Hypnobirthing coach.

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Hi! I'm Jodie

Fully qualified Hypnobirthing coach.

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